Mum RAW is ROSES – Rumble roses Foursome

I got in whoa they are really hooked up again she said something but again all I was thinking about was stuff
I shouldn’t be thinking about but turns out I was right because she came down wearing matching blouse and
a mini skirt that was just too low.

I strolled over to the kitchen to eat breakfast ah at least she made my favourite I thought seeing as his mother
had made waffles with bacon and eggs after eating my mum dropped me off at school dammit this school is huge I
could lost and never found in here I thought to myself . Curiosity won I took a peep in through the opening in the door and found my sister playing with herself
and best of all using my name to do it and here I was thinking that the bedroom light being on is weird I need to do something with
this very valuable information but what tell my parents ha no tell the school what am I dumb ,oh yeah that will do I just got an idea.

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