Mom Sonna no Tokkuni, – Tales of zestiria Gaygroup

When Dave and I had first discovered the new massage parlour that had opened in our next town we thought it would be a laugh to try it out instead of going on our usual Thursday snooker club, needless to say the experience was pretty good, the girls were pretty and eager so what had begun as a one of to try a different younger piece of fanny had become our regular Thursday routine, and that’s where we had come undone as on one of our visits we had been spotted by a friend of Dave’s wife who had reported back with the result we had been followed and caught, well and truly banged to rights Dave had been carted off by his missus and I was guessing was getting similar treatment to me.

The following weekend she was out early Saturday morning getting her hair styled and spending my money, she breezed in looking pretty good and seemed in a good mood, shopping always cheered her up and as she had £600 to blow it must have been a good therapy, she dropped her bags so I had a look at what sh

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