French INDEXGIRLS 05 Youbi Body

I lead my daughter into the shower on got her to go on her knees and close her eyes, I positioned my cock above her and within a few seconds a gush of pee sprung from my cock all over her Emma’s face causing her to gasp in surprise feeling my warm pee splash all over her she moved her boobs into my stream lathering them up in my pee while trying to catch more of my stream on her tongue, she took her hand to her cum filled cunt as her body continually got soaked by my pee.

I went to greet Emma placing a firm kiss on her lips but she looked a little annoyed I thought I must of done something wrong she complained to me that there is no hot water in her bathroom and she needed to take a shower badly.

I soon forgot that it was the day that Emma’s friends were ment to come over today to “study” or in other words do teenager stuff so we straight away got dressed and tried to make it through the very long time they were here.

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